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NQT's visit BFBC schools


NQT News

 Bracknell Forest NQT's spent some time recently visiting each other's schools and found some 'Golden Nuggets' to share back at their own schools.These sessions are part of the Forest Learning Alliance and BFBC one year NQT package which has been well received by schools this year.

We asked the NQT's for some comments/thoughts following their visits and here are a selection:-

  • Seeing child initiated and adult led learning in EYFS
  • Red hot marking (red pen during the lesson). Really liked this and it could cut down my marking!
  • Working wall on the whiteboard
  • Magnetic strip classrooms to hang paper from - no pins or pegs needed
  • Burglar books
  • Thank you board in the staff room
  • Concentration on letter formation in reception - following 'letters and sounds' order
  • Rainbow writing and how it is used to support pupils
  • Marble jars for rewards
  • Displays and ideas to take back and use
  • Maximising space - writing on cupboards and having a working wall washing line 
  • The interactive smart board laid out like a table top for the children to use.


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