As an alliance we are keen to look to the future of education in our region. We want to ensure that the entitlement every pupil has to a high quality education is guaranteed for the future. To do this we need to involve ourselves in understanding how pedagogy, a fundamental understanding of what we teach and how we teach, underpins our learning community.

Research and development gives us the chance to deepen our work as reflective professionals. We intend to start with a systematic examination of how outstanding leadership and management impacts on the experiences of pupils as they progress through their primary schools and into secondary school. 

The National College of School Leadership supports projects taking place on both a national and a local level. Four schools in our alliance are currently involved with a national research project on Closing the Gap.

Research and Development will help the alliance on its journey to being an outstanding learning community, a place where adults and young people learn and thrive together. An exciting prospect

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