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Training programme and content

The Programme is designed to ensure that School Direct (SD) trainee teachers meet the standards to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), and provides them  with insights into teaching beyond the Teacher standards.

Across the partnership, the aim is to produce effective practitioners who will make a positive contribution to the teaching profession. By the end of the programme, SD trainees should be able to demonstrate appropriate professional attributes, have a strong subject and pedagogical knowledge, and be able to plan and teach effectively to ensure that all pupils make progress.

  • Across the programme SD trainees will show that they:
  • Have high expectations of all pupils;
  • Treat them with appropriate respect, consistency and consideration;
  • Demonstrate and promote positive values, attitudes and behaviour;
  • Are aware of their professional responsibilities;
  • Can work with others to promote the learning and welfare of young people;
  • Can adopt a reflective and critical stance towards their own practice, policy initiatives and listen to and act upon advice;
  • Have a secure knowledge and understanding of their specialist subject;
  • Know the relevant curriculum frameworks within which they teach and be able to apply these effectively;
  • Are able to use assessment to promote learning and develop their teaching;
  • Know how to handle classes effectively to maximise learning;
  • Know how to take account of the needs of all learners;
  • Are able to plan and teach lessons that engage and interest pupils and allow them to make appropriate progress;
  • Take responsibility for their own professional development;
  • Are able to draw upon research evidence and professional practice critically to inform their teaching and to underpin their teaching approach.

Within this partnership SD trainee teachers will gain experience of different contexts and key stages, either within the Primary or Secondary sector. There will be opportunities to visit other phases and the Special education sector. Trainee Teachers will work with different age ranges and expert practitioners.

Training is provided in collaboration with The University of Reading and is led by expert practitioners in schools and at the university. All aspects of the programme have been carefully designed to give SD teachers appropriate experiences, to challenge their ideas and prepare them for employment as classroom practitioners.

Teaching placements

All School Direct trainee teachers will be spend the majority of their training in one school, either Primary or Secondary, with regular training sessions, either at the Lead School, Uplands Primary, one of the partnership schools or at the University of Reading. The individual placement schools have taken responsibility for deciding individual trainees teaching commitment but the partnership agreement in place ensures that all trainee teachers gain the same range of experience, whatever the school.

In addition to their main placement school all trainee teachers will undertake a second placement in the spring term for five weeks.

All trainee teachers will gain experience across a range of key stages and contexts and this experience will be tailored to meet the needs of individual trainee teachers to ensure that all gain the range of expertise needed to become an effective professional. 

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