Elizabeth Riley


Meadow Vale Primary


English and Assessment

Support Phase

Key Stage 1 and 2

Position in School

English Co-ordinator and Year 6 Class teacher

I strongly believe that teachers have the potential to shape children's lives. My passion as a teacher, leader and SLE is to inspire children to achieve their potential academically, socially and personally. During my time as a Year 6 teacher and an English coordinator it has been greatly satisfying to support other teachers and help them grow and develop and ultimately help a greater number of children realise their potential.


I am an experienced Year 6 teacher who has had the opportunity to teach in a variety of schools facing different challenges and opportunities. I have a track record of consistently achieving high results. For example, throughout my teaching career at least 90% of the children I have taught have achieved a level 4 or above in all subjects and I have helped a number of children achieve a Level 6. This year, I successfully adapted my practice to meet the challenges of the new curriculum. As a result, the percentage of children that achieved the expected standard was in line with the national average in all subjects; I am looking forward to the challenge of improving these results this coming year.


I am also the English coordinator at my school. The aspect of my role I enjoy most is developing new and innovative ideas and sharing these approaches with others. This year, I have successfully implemented a new, whole-school approach to guided reading which has been highly commended by my school’s Senior Management and by teachers both inside and outside of my school. As part of this process, I delivered whole-school training and mentored several members of staff from different year groups. In addition to this, I have remodeled our reading and writing target cards and SPaG checklists to meet the new and more challenging requirements of the 2014 curriculum.   


From early on in my career, I have taken great satisfaction in mentoring others that want to learn. I enjoy working with and listening to others to help them understand any difficulties they may be facing and collaborating with them to help develop their teaching practice. I am quick to provide clarity around problems and challenges and enjoy developing action plans with others that yield positive results. I am very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with new schools and new people in my role as an SLE.  

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